Special Holiday Paris Print Sale

Peter Turnley is offering significantly discounted prices for signed collector prints from a selection of twelve photographs through December 5th. These twelve photographs make beautiful wall pieces and gifts, and are printed by one of the greatest black and white master printers in the history of photography, Voja Mitrovic. Voya printed for Henri Cartier-Bresson for more than 35 years. The prints are traditional silver gelatin prints and can be ordered in either the 12 x 16 inch, or 16 x 20 inch sizes. All US and international orders during this sale will be delivered before Dec. 25th.

All purchases must be made using PayPal or credit card below.

12" x 16"
Quantity Discount Price
1 $495
2 $895
3 $1,195
5 $1,795
10 $3,495
16" x 20"
Quantity Discount Price
1 $600
2 $1,000
3 $1,440
5 $2,200
10 $4,000
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